The Pallet Office: Most Recycled Office You’ve Ever Seen!

The office environment is probably the most important environment for any creative person. What you find is that most successful companies have a very creative and playful environment to allow their employees to fully embrace happiness at work. Sometimes this is lacking at more old school companies. It goes without saying that I am talking about Internet companies. There are countless articles out there that showcase their unique and geekishly designed office interior, but we will not cover those now.

I would rather bring forth something much more creative and unique, not to mention freakishly impressively designed and useful. The Dutch company Most Architecture received quite an interesting project from Amsterdam company BrandBase. The company was relocating its office and wanted a temporary office interior design created out of recycled material. Most Architecture was more than up for the challenge and brought them something nothing less than brilliant.

Using hundreds of pallets, they managed to design a whole office by just stacking them and nailing them together. They added some glass covers for the tables and some pillows for the benches. The results speak for themselves and what’s even cooler is that when the company relocates later, they can use the pallets to pack their tech on. How’s that for useful recycling and environmentally thinking? Props!

Image Credit: [Rogier Jaarsma]