Beer Flavored Lip Gloss?

Finding the right gift for your sweetheart on Heart’s day can be tricky.  Well, finding gifts for any occasion takes a lot of thought actually.  When I go shopping for gifts for friends and family it often takes me a lot of time and I go to many shops to find just the right gift.

Heineken beer came up with a new product that they say is the perfect gift that boyfriends or husbands can give the love of their lives.  It’s the Heineken Beer flavored Lip Gloss.  The fragrance of hops and the lightness of froth, for the first time in a gloss.  I have included the commercial that highlighted the product’s benefits. You can get the product for under 5 euros at the Heineken store.

On Valentine’s Day, get the beer flavored lip gloss, the gift for her that makes her man happy too.