Behold The World’s Largest Hot Wheels Car City

If you are a guy, you totally remember playing with small metal cars when you were a boy. We imagined the most amazing cities, the most horrible car crashes, and the most incredible car races… you name it! It was an alternate world most of us left behind when we grew up. It’s really a pity because all that imagination could really create some cool things in the world, maybe not at a kid’s level, but for all of us entirely soaked up in gadgets and the Internet. Art should be more interactive, and it should also amaze you out of your boundaries. That’s a hard task to tackle; however, there are some people in the world who cut right in to show us it’s possible to make a couple of millions by playing with cars.

One such person is art pioneer Chris Burden. A while ago he created the Metropolis toy car city, and back then, it was a small wonder of the world according to critics everywhere. However, he wasn’t satisfied with his creation, and he quickly started to plan another one, a bigger one, a greater one if you will. And boy did he go out of his way to create it! As a matter of fact, he decided to create the Metropolis 2, which is ten times bigger than his Metropolis 1.

It’s a toy city buzzing with life, and the city includes countless skyscrapers, 13 train tracks and a whopping 1,100 toy cars, all rushing away in the most amazing controlled chaos I have ever seen to date. The sound of this masterpiece is just ear deafening. This build cost Chris several millions of dollars; however, he has already sold it for millions as well. It will be an installation that I am sure will make thousands of people smile, all day long. Never did I think you could make millions (if he made a profit of it that is, but it sounds he did) off of a toy car build. This is the amazing side of geek, I tell you!

Incredible Toy Car Metropolis Build

Via: [Attack of The Show]