Best High School Reunion Prank Ever

I was a geek in high school. I never broke the rules, I aced AP calculus, and I worked the Wendy’s drive-thru almost every Saturday night. When I received the invitation for my high school reunion last year, I knew instantly that I would not be attending, and I put the invitation directly into my shredder. Then, ironically, I was scanning YouTube one day and I stumbled across the story of Andrea Wachner and the best high school reunion prank ever.

Andrea felt the same pit in her stomach when she got the invitation for her reunion, but instead of just tossing it in the garbage, she hired a stripper to attend the reunion as her. She also hired an entire film crew to record the event and she gave Cricket, the stripper, information through an ear piece to make it seem like she was really Andrea. In Andrea’s own words, “Here’s the long and short of it … I sent a stripper, as me, to my high school reunion, rigged it so I could feed ‘Andrea’ info, and filmed the whole thing.”

Although now, a few years later, there are many people that are upset with her for turning their beloved high school reunion into a publicity stunt, I personally think it was a brilliant idea. I’ve had friends describe a high school reunion as being the “great equalizer”. I disagree. I don’t know if Andrea Wachner was a geek in high school. If you have never been known as “the geek” before, I can appreciate that you may not see the humor in this. But to all my geeky friends out there, I encourage you to embrace your geekiness and laugh out loud at these videos!