Bloody Alien Lego Man

I’m in a time warp when my son and I play with Lego’s. When I was a child, I used to love using my imagination to build the most unique Lego creations, and I still love playing with them today.

We’ve written a lot of Lego articles on Bit Rebels, so I know I’m not the only one with a fondness for those little plastic shapes. Lately, though, I’ve been more interested in the detailed artistic side of creating with Lego’s. I would like to share with you two particular Lego artists.

The first one, pirie1, created this fantastic Lego mini-figure (left) depicting that memorable chest busting scene from the movie Alien. Yeah, that is super cool. You can learn more about pirie1 by visiting

You know I couldn’t resist including this clip from that legendary movie just in case you’ve lived in a cave for the past 30 years and you somehow missed it. What a classic!

The second Lego artist I’d like to share with you is Jamie Spencer. He is famous for his custom mini-figure Lego creations of famous people. Jamie’s talent is mind blowing. I first learned about him when my friend, @bkmacdaddy, tweeted this article:

I chose to feature Jamie in this post for one particular Lego creation: His steampunk machine! This beautiful beast is named Dardenbahst. According to, “The most appealing parts of this model are the custom spray painted metallic gold parts (using Krylon’s metallic gold spray) and the detailed mechanisms that suggest functional form.”

Here are more of Jamie Spencer’s Lego creations:

Seeing these works of art inspire me. I think I’ll spend an extra few minutes sitting on the floor tonight playing with Lego’s!