Blueprints: Now You Can Build Your Own Millennium Falcon

While Richard Branson is working on taking us out into space for a few minutes in weightlessness, there are other people working on actually letting us plan our vacations in space. If I am not entirely wrong, I believe it is the Russians that are currently working on a space station that us deadly people will have the opportunity to visit and stay for a week or two to reload our batteries. Virgin Galactic may be the first space tourism to start a legitimate business hauling our commercial butts into space, but still it’s a playhouse for the rich to enjoy.

It may be costly, but if you have the cash, why not build your own Millennium Falcon instead of being strapped like kettle awaiting your 15 minutes in freedom only to be strapped in again while getting back into the forces of the earth? That is exactly what you can do now, sort of. At least you will now have the blueprints for the raddest spaceship ever created.

It’s the ultimate chick magnet for sure, at least if you’re a geek (and probably she is too). All you need to do is invent a few non existent technologies and hire a boatload of engineers to put all this together into your very own Millennium Falcon. On second thought, maybe it’s probably a whole lot cheaper hitting up Mr. Branson at Virgin Galactic for a ticket. After all, it’s supposedly safe and not too many people have ever experienced true weightlessness. That’s not such a bad thing to brag about either.

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Via: [Furious Fanboys]