Brick Brites: Lego Enters The Space Age With LEDs

The flood of microtechnology being introduced into the world is quite impressive. What was the size of a hand yesterday is about as big as a pin head today. Some say there really are no limits to how small we can make things. Micro, nano or atom sized… it’s all possible if we only learn how to master and harness their powers. So naturally when it comes to Lego, things are taken to the extreme as well. I remember years ago when Lego introduced the light blocks. They were simple blocks which had a connector that you could electrify to get some light inside your builds. It made a huge impact on the Lego community, and the builds were suddenly drowning in light.

However, today there are other things that have taken their place. ThinkGeek just introduced the new Brick Brites. It’s a Lego block that has an LED light incorporated inside of it. With the help of three small batteries and a pulsator, the block will light up and blink if shaken, pressed or hit. With it you can of course create a series of awesome builds such as emergency vehicles, spaceships or simulate that laser turret you’ve been dreaming about bringing to life.

The blocks, which come in pairs, are now on sale over at ThinkGeek, and they will set you back $10. They are said to last hundreds of hours if they are not constantly turned on. With the mechanism that enables you to shake it to make it light up, that should be quite true. So, get to work and kick out some new and awesome Lego builds that will mesmerize the whole community. I am sure that we’ll see a boatload of incredible builds before too long. I can’t wait to check them all out!



Via: [Technabob]