Brick World | How To Repair a (LEGO) Brick!

With all the talk about LEGO and the massive and exciting amount of LEGO builds presented her on Bit Rebels, I started thinking… Sure there must be some kind of machine that can create life size LEGO bricks for humanity to use instead of those pesky bricks we are using today. Guess what? There isn’t any machine that creates those kind of bricks. Isn’t that just totally blowing? Someone should use a couple of gray ones and think up a machine that does just that, creates life size LEGO bricks.

But, behold the magic rabbit, there is a machine that will turn our wasteful living much greener. That machine is “Return Brick” a concept machine that scrapes up old and smashed house bricks and reassembles them into an entirely new legolized ones ready to be used in the building of the next wonder of the world. (So, in a way, there is a machine that creates life size LEGO bricks.)

The recycling of old building bricks is only at a shameful 30%. That means that the rest of the 70% of the bricks laying around after the destruction of a building are being dumped in landfills. How weird and wasteful is that? How stupid could we get not recycling that stuff to spare mother earth more pollution, digging, scaving and scraping? We’re digging, literally, a hole for ourselves to diminish in. The “Return Brick” machine will change all that in an instant. Being able to recycle ALL the left over bricks and make them entirely new and once again usable is truly a great step towards healthy thinking. Oh, and don’t mind the English on the pictures, the designers (Youngwoo Park, Hoyoung Lee & Miyeon Kim) are, as you can see, not native English speaking people. Instead, give them credit for trying.