Brilliant Caffeinated T-Shirt: “I Was Here”

I confess! I am a t-shirt junkie with a fanatic need to find the ultimate t-shirt for each day and occasion. It’s not easy I tell you. Designs are sometimes limited in stores and finding something that will set both you and the viewer on the edge can be quite impossible sometimes. I have asked myself plenty of times if there really is a best-of-the-best t-shirt out there and what it would be. Of course, each person has their own idea about what is considered “perfect.” However, is there really one at all? That’s the question.

For the categories of “Interesting Ideas” and “Brilliant Humor,” this one is by no competition at the top spot. I was drawn to it the first time I saw it, and it reminded me of all those times I sat in the subway and just stared at the graffiti tags all around where it said “I Was Here” or the individual handle or alias.

I laughed out loud (honestly, I did!) when I first saw it. It’s brilliant in so many ways and with this t-shirt you are a 100% certain to put a smile on each and everyone you meet, unless the person you meet is lacking of humor entirely that is. The concept is simple, visual and truly amazingly humorous. It’s certainly one to put in the collection!