Bring The ’80s: If YouTube Was Around In The 8-Bit Days!

The 8-bit graphics a’la the ’80s are one of the most legendary computer phenomenon that has ever survived the era of new computing. It is what defined what a computer is, and that is thanks to Commodore 64 and Nintendo NES. They brought us games and software that were more than we could have ever imagined… back then. We were mesmerized by their ability to create stories which we could immerse ourselves in. The pixel became our pastime, and we didn’t want to switch it out for anything else in the world.

What if some of the Internet phenomenon that are available today were brought to our attention back then? What would they look like? It seems someone took the time to actually envision that, and those guys are Peephole Circus. They have a whole channel available on YouTube with their awesomeness plastered all over it.

These are some really funny videos of YouTube back in the days, but wouldn’t it be cool to see what Twitter would have looked like back then? Or how about Facebook or even Myspace? I guess we’ll have to wait for those, but in the meantime, here is some YouTube 8-bit pixel madness for you to check out while we wait.