A New And Improved Commodore 64 Soon To Be Relaunched!

Oh how I miss the ’80s sometimes when I see all the stuff we used to play with. The computers back then had a certain grace and appeal to them, and as long as I live they will be retro to the degree that I always wish they would come back in some new incarnated form. Even though I wish I had never sold my Commodore 64, there are enough computers still out in circulation for me to get one at a later date I think, or at least that’s what I hope. However, with the new developments over at Commodore USA, I might not have to search that hard to get myself some retro computing.

It was recently announced that Commodore USA is planning to relaunch the iconic and legendary Commodore 64 in an all new interior, however sporting the “cool” of the retro fitting. The new Commodore 64 will sport pretty much everything that you have in you regular desktop computer, just a little bit more… iconic if you will.

The new and improved Commodore 64 will also run the latest Windows and have a back compatibility to play 8-bit games from the era that we now call retro. This is great news for every geek out there since you will once again boot those grand and inspirational games we used to play as young fellas. The price for the new and updated version is not yet announced, but the closer we get to the release date, that will of course be released. #HappyGeek!