10-Minute Calorie Burning Activities For Computer Geeks [Infographic]

Since you are reading this, there is a good chance you are a geek since the majority of our readers are. If you are like most computer geeks, you spend more time than you should in front of the screen. As time goes on, that activity will become less associated with being a geek and more associated with being human. A new study was released last week which suggests the average child born today will spend a quarter of their lives watching a screen. You can read more about that on Digital Spy.

Where does our exercise fit into that equation? I’ve written about this many times before because I think it’s so important. As computer geeks, we often get so mentally into a project, game, post, whatever on the screen that we forfeit healthy eating and exercise. Combine those two things with the amount of sitting we do, and you get a recipe for disaster.

It used to be that computer geeks tried to force themselves to fit gym time into their days, but that is tough to do, so the new way to exercise is more fun and flexible. Now many of us try to fit small calorie burning sessions into our day. They don’t require going to the gym. They could be anything really – like taking the stairs, riding your bike to work, doing leg lifts from your desk, or even walking (doing laps) around your house or office for 10 minutes an hour.

This infographic by QuidCorner called Feel The Burn…In 10 Minutes shows how many calories we can burn in only 10 minutes by doing some very geek-friendly activities. This also says that our bodies can consume 138 times more calories than it can burn. Eeek! Last but not least, it shows some things we can eat and drink to increase our metabolism. Most of these are compatible with being on the computer (like drinking tea, chewing gum and drinking water).

Computer Geeks Need To Get Up From The Chair & Move Every Hour

I know, it’s hard to do!
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Via: [visual.ly] Header Image Credit: [reddit]