Geeks Rule The World & Here Is Why [Infographic]

Geeks rule the world. That’s the mindset that people (and geeks in general) have today. As soon as you say the word “geek,” there is a whole set of rules that apply. A lot of people would jump on the topic to make sure and trash it all they can. The first thing they would say is that a nerd and a geek are not the same, and if anything, it’s the nerds who rule the world. It may be so, but in today’s society, there are geeks and then there are geeks. The real geek is not someone trying to front that they are a geek with fake geek glasses, a corny bow tie and a slightly flattened hairstyle. Nah, a geek doesn’t do all that, it comes natural, and isn’t at all that studied. But the question wasn’t whether geeks are geeks. It was whether or not geeks rule the world.

We could spend hours, even days, debating whether geeks rule the world or not. If we are looking at it from a factual point of view, there is nothing anyone can say. It’s factually proven that geeks rule the world. Geeks are usually the founders of multinational computer companies such as Google, Microsoft and of course Apple. I could go on and make the list a whole lot longer, but I think you know what I mean.

Now if we look away from the whole factual approach for a moment and instead look at what geeks “control” (or think they control), we somewhat get the same result. In a hilarious infographic compiled by Web Hosting Geeks, we are presented with 5 reasons why geeks rule the world. One could sit here and argue that any of these are true or false. To blast this whole thing to pieces is of course anyone’s choice. However, it’s when people start trolling that the real discussion is fueled. Why is that? And is that really what this whole thing is about? Maybe, or maybe the creators of this infographic want to make a point. You spend time reading this infographic, then you start thinking about more reasons why geeks rule the world, or not. But have you for one moment spent any attention to who really created it? If only for a second, they are very much geeks who rule your world by making you read their infographic. Even though what you are reading could be true or false. So, it will be hard for you to disagree with the infographic that geeks rule the world, right? Think about it.

Web Hosting Geeks’ Geeks Rule The World Infographic

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