Card Deck Chair: When You’re Tired Of Playing Poker

Playing cards can be quite a pastime, but they can also get a bit tedious after a while. You tend to save up those decks of cards as they lay scattered all around the house without getting any attention. And now, since much of the Internet is all about playing poker, these decks can easily be forgotten and start collecting dust. We’re more interested in the chances of making a few extra bucks than playing social games in real time.

However, we shouldn’t let those decks of cards go to waste, and that’s exactly what designer Benjamin Rollins Caldwell thought as well. He had a cool 350 decks of Las Vegas playing cards stashed away. Altogether they became one awesome chair that he dubbed the “Deuces Wild Chair.” Sure, it might seem a little unsupported, but Benjamin assures us that it’s quite stable and robust.

Building card houses is one thing, but this is taking the use of playing cards to a whole new level. So if you have the time and energy, and of course 18,200 playing cars laying around, then you could build yourself one of these chairs as well. All it takes is a bit of glue, some patience and a heck of a lot of inspiration. If you don’t have the energy to pull together your own, you can buy this one over at BRC Designs. It’s a masterpiece for sure! I wonder if I will kick more butt when playing cards in this chair…