A Card Deck Made With 52 iPhones

Can you believe it? Somebody created a full deck of cards made from 52 iPhones! Maybe not, but it wouldn’t be April Fool’s Day if I didn’t play a prank on you, so you were expecting that, right?

These pictures are kind of blurry, and I have to believe that is intentional, to add to the effect. It appears that two people are playing a trading card game with a deck made from iPhones. The truth is, the game they are playing is called the Game of Thrones, and those aren’t actually iPhones. They are simply cards made to look like iPhones.

We’ve seen iPhone playing cards in the past, but before, they were embarrassingly cheesy looking. Lately, it seems like there is renewed interest in iPhone playing cards ever since that eBay auction back in February when an ex-Apple employee sold a very rare official Apple OS 7 playing card deck purchased back in 1997. That deck of cards sold for about $864. Even if these aren’t iPhones, it’s fun to imagine they are. I would love to hold a whole handful of these mini LCD screens at once. Talk about luxury.

If you like this idea, but you aren’t quite prepared to drop over $10,000 on 52 iPhones, I have another option for you… below the fancy-looking cards below is the poor person’s version, which sells for the bargain price of 26 bucks on Meninos.

Card Deck Made From iPhones

Card Deck Made With iPhones

Cards Made Like iPhones

Cards Made From iPhones

Via: [Geekologie] [The Next Web]