Carpet Surf Like A Boss With These Carpet Skate Flip-Flops

It’s Sunday, and the list of things to do seems to be just a tad shorter than usual on these kind of days. I don’t think it has anything to do with the creativity, it’s just that it’s Sunday and people take it a little bit more easy on Sundays. Some Sundays can become unbearably boring if you are not quick enough when it comes to finding something to do, especially for someone who is used to working around the clock. Not many people work on the weekends as we all know. However, here on Bit Rebels, we want to bring you the cool and crazy stuff even on the weekends, and that is exactly why I tried to find something extra fun for you to check out today. We could all go out and carpet surf!

What? What the heck is that? Well, behold the insanely cool carpet skates. Just slip these on, and you can carpet surf your way into tomorrow when the ordinary week starts once again. I remember as a kid when I ran as fast as I could and then slid across the floor in an attempt to break an imaginable record, or something in that order. It’s something that all kids do at some point. Some people never forget the experience, and they create a way to carpet surf even when they get older.

Don’t expect it to be safe either. Carpet surfing involves a ton of risk, and if you are not careful, severe injuries can be caused by these carpet skates. But that shouldn’t really keep us from having a kickass time, right? There’s nothing wrong with living dangerously. Nope. You can get these from Fun Slides (which is also the official name of the product) for just $19.95. It’s a skater’s dream if you have carpeted floors and long hallways at home. There is no limit to how much fun you can have with these. Setup a race and invite all your friends. It’s time to bring a little bit of youth back into your life. Here we come!

Check Out The Carpet Surf Fun Slides



Via: [Walyou]