Catapult Boy: Its Only Purpose Is To Be A Douchebag Item

What are you to do when you are a kid, you’re insanely bored, and the only thing you have around you are a few friends to annoy the heck out of? Well, as a kid, you could probably think of a thousand things; however, as an adult, things become a little more complicated. After all, even though many people tend to stay young at heart, they tend to let go of the mischievous ideas as they grow up. Some people keep those ideas though, and they become great innovators, engineers, thinkers, etc. That’s what is so great about staying young in our minds. However, when it comes to all those ideas about what you could do to annoy people, they get infinitely less fun as we grow up.

There is one thing boys could do to make things a little bit more fun. It’s called the Catapult Boy, and it is a concept purely designed to get you into some serious trouble. If you are an adult, this thing could even get you frowned upon if not fired from your job. At most Internet companies though, the sense of play is always apparent and available, so this thing should fit right in. At least it would in the future Bit Rebels office, I tell you!

It’s basically a ring with an innocent looking ornament on it. With a pocket full of rubber bands though, this thing becomes a weapon of sorts, and it is sure to annoy your friends and/or colleagues to the point where you will most likely have a rubber band war on the doorstep of your cubicle. How better to have fun than to lose yourself in a childish battle of rubber bands? The ladies are of course welcome to join in as well. Office wars just got another weapon in their arsenal. Bring on the rubber bands people, it’s time to go to battle! The Catapult Boy concept was designed by Appliance Studio.

Catapult Boy Slingshot Ring Concept

Catapult Boy Slingshot Ring Concept

Catapult Boy Slingshot Ring Concept

Via: [Yanko Design]