Cat’s Meow | Student Feature

An animated short film by Jorge Garcia, presented as a senior thesis for Ringling College of Art and Design. Jorge, or Jay as friends call him, was born and raised in Bogotá, Colombia. There, his journey with prismacolors and endless copy paper from his dad’s office supply store began. Although his family wanted him to be a doctor or president, he was lucky enough to get accepted into the Ringling College of Art and Design Computer Animation program, and wishes to one day become an Animator.

Animation is one of my favorite mediums and i can attest that it is truly one of the most difficult to produce.  I have taken courses on it in college and I can say that i admire artists who take animation as a career.

In Cat’s Meow, Jorge was able to capture the very essence of a cat’s tantrums and I should know about that considering we have 15 cats at home.