Cell Phone Etiquette: Don’t Be A Jerk [Infographic]

Some people who buy a cell phone don’t realize that with it comes a responsibility.  Just because you have one, it doesn’t mean you can use it whenever you want to without paying some respect to the people around you.  I personally have a really hard time understanding people who bust out their cell phones in a restaurant for example.  I mean, you’re there to eat, not to talk on your phone, right?  Besides, if the call is mildly important, you can always step out for a second to respond to it.  It also ain’t good manners towards your dinner guests to keep talking or staring at your cell phone texting.  There are several places and situations where knowing good cell phone etiquette is a must, and it is expected by the people around you.

For those who do not know the proper etiquette, Communications Electronics has put together a really cool and retro infographic.  I suggest that everyone, even though you may be flawlessly carrying your cell phone with you, check out this Cell Phone Etiquette with the help of Doofus and Dashing.

If you’re still not able to understand the importance of etiquette after checking out this infographic, I would suggest leaving that cell phone of yours at home.  Other people shouldn’t have to suffer because you have a problem following the silent rules that everyone else lives by.  #JustSaying

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Silent Cell Phone Guidelines Rules