Check Out My Rack and My Rump Here!

I am very much a woman and very much a meat eater, so I love the title of this article. Now you can sport your rack and your rump in this completely adorable meat dress, or anatomy lesson, however you want to look at it. This creative creation was designed by Kelly a.k.a. ‘Your Present’ on etsy.

After graduating from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2006, she now designs, models and photographs all her own creations. She hand makes these dresses to order. They are called “The Creme Cuts of Meat” dresses.

Would you wear this on a date? If you do, and your man starts drooling, you will have to wonder, is he drooling over you or the cuts of meat you’re sporting? Haha You can check out her etsy store here or follow her on Twitter here.

[via incrediblethings]