Check Out The Biggest Bathtub In The World!

I love bathtubs. We do not have one at home, but I use one whenever I travel if the hotel rooms that I stay in have them. Soaking in a bathtub with warm water never fails to relax me. I am sure you would agree that adding bubble soap to the warm water is the best! Bathtubs in hotel rooms are usually made for only one person or maybe for two. I have seen a lot of very cool bathtubs, and I am sure you have seen quite a few cool ones written about here on Bit Rebels. However, you’ve got to check out this huge bathtub that I found. It is the world’s largest bathtub to date.

Sized at 25 feet (height) x 12 feet (width) x 72 feet (length), this colossal bathtub is backed by Guinness World Record (UK) for being the world’s largest. Estimated at $118,000, this bathtub has room for lots more than just a shower. It is befitted with steam rooms, perfumed sauna boxes, LCD screens, telephone service, Jacuzzi pool, high-tech shower panels along with a large water pool and a four feet deep tub. Environmentalists will frown at the fact that it needs about 24,000 liters of water to be at your service. Currently this mobile bathtub is on display in Mumbai, India.

[via Luxury Launches]