Unique Soaps For The Squeaky Clean Geek

Being squeaky clean is important to almost everyone. I know some people who take a shower at least three times each day. I usually take two showers a day. There is nothing better than always feeling fresh and clean. We have shared so many cool bath goodies here on Bit Rebels that always thrill geeks. Today I found several interesting soaps that really caught my attention. Most of the soap we use each day comes in either a rectangular bar or gel form.

These unique soap designs not only allow you to feel fresh and clean, but they are also quite nice decorative additions for our bathrooms. The ingredients in some of them are truly unique too. The first one is the Beer Soap. It is a moisturizing soap made from real beer. Don’t worry, they guarantee that you won’t smell like beer. Next is the Popsicle Soap. It is as colorful and sweet smelling as a real popsicle that you might enjoy eating on warm days. I bet your friends would love getting a soapsicle as a gift.

If you like popcorn, you will definitely like the next one on the list. This soap is made with Shea butter and shaped like popcorn, and it’s appropriately called Popcorn Soap. These come in a retro bag that contains 25 pieces of realistic looking popcorn made from Shea butter. Last but not the least is the Fortune Cookie Soap. It is a 100% natural soap with a real fortune inside. They come in a set of six fortune cookie soaps per pack. They look so realistic that you might be tempted to take a bite. So the next time you reach for your regular soap, think again. Why not try any of the ones featured here and make bath time a more enjoyable and unique experience?

soaps for clean geeks

soap for clean geeks

soaps for clean geeks

soaps for clean geeks

Image Credits: [Lana K / Shutterstock] [Beer Soap] [Soapsicles] [Popcorn Soap] [Fortune Cookie]