Check Out This Bizarre House: It’s Upside Down!

Talk about having too much time on your hands… Polish designers Klaudiusz Golos and Sebastion Mikuciuk openly admit that they built this upside down house for no other reason than “wanting to do something different.”

There have been a lot of upside down houses built around the world, they are really not that unique; however, the reason this one is really special is because everything on the inside (every room has furniture) is upside down also!

Built in Trassenheide, Germany, this house is now open for the public to visit. According to, “People who have visited the house reported feeling dizzy and disorientated.” I can imagine. I’m getting a little dizzy just from looking at the pictures. They named this project, “The world stands on its head.” To me, this is creativity on steroids. I really want to salute these two guys for going all out with their idea. To see this would almost be worth a trip to Germany.

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