Chestburster Augmented Reality T-Shirt Will Scare You To Death

There are plenty of scary things out there, at least if you want to believe the movies. We have been treated to some pretty scary stuff throughout the years on the silver screen, and I am sure they have spawned about a million nightmares or so. One of the most significant scares in movie history, and absolutely one of the most horrific and unexpected ones, must have been the chestburster in the movie Alien. When I saw that scene for the first time, I was horrified. I mean, to the point where I almost felt sick. It was such a surreal scene, and I was shocked that they would actually put that in a movie. It was seriously mind twisting. But as always, people try to come up with even more ways to scare the pants off of us all, and this augmented reality t-shirt should definitely do the trick.

The guys over at Fingerfunk set out to creep the hell out of us all. Their new concept augmented reality chestburster t-shirt is just off this planet. This Swedish group of innovators came up with a way to use the Unity 3D engine and Qualcomm Vuforia to make a t-shirt come to life, literally. It might end yours, but it will definitely spawn new life in the form of a sick looking chestburster alien. This particular demo is showcased on an iPad 2 which makes the experience even more immersive.

Imagine if all of us had augmented reality glasses on wherever we walked. Dang, then this would be a sick joke to pull on someone. You’d walk up to your local food store cashier and complain about pain in your chest and… BAM! Well, maybe that would be a little bit too stomach turning to be a joke really. Scratch that! It’s a sick t-shirt nonetheless that will certainly make everything in the Alien movie come rushing back into your brain. A good movie like that definitely deserves a t-shirt like this chestburster one. Can you get it? Absolutely, just hop on over to their chestburster dedicated website and you will be able to get it and download the app. Pretty sweet, right?

Check Out The Chestburster T-Shirt In Action



Via: [UFunk – French]