Crazy Classy Creative Hair Designs

Yesterday Richard wrote an article about the “designer way of cutting hair.” Those wild and crazy hair tattoos (which is what they look like to me) got me thinking a lot about hair and all the opportunities we have to express our creativity through our hair.

My hair is long. It’s too long really since it almost touches my waist. I never really thought about it before today, but I do fun things with my hair all the time. Whether it’s up in a ponytail, or braided, or adorned with a sparkly clip or a fabric headband, there are always fun ways to style hair.

I went on a hunt to find some beautiful hair designs to show you. I didn’t want the wacko nutty pictures of hair that we sometimes see, but I wanted to find some stunning, classy, and obviously creative styles for you. I found these pictures, and they are perfect! Yes, some of these are wigs and some of them are not. Either way, it’s all about celebrating our creativity through our hair. Wow, this is so much fun! Check out Studio Marisol for more designs like these!