Crazy Glow Stick Experiment: Let There Be Light!

My first contact, visually that is, with glow sticks was when I watched some movie for the first time. It was a lot of years ago, but I still remember the cool attitude those puppies gave off. I was mesmerized by the light and the simplicity of how they worked. I don’t exactly remember which movie it was, but I vividly remember the twitch, click and then there was light. Since then, I haven’t seen them in very many other movies. I don’t know if they are toxic, or if they are just not cool anymore. These days it seems to be all about the road flares. Maybe that is because they give off a cool sound when you light them, I don’t know. Maybe those work best for the movies or something.

If you thought glow sticks were all gone, I suggest you think again. There are some rather awesome glow stick experiments going on out there, and some people use them to advertise their stuff. Bon Yurt is one of those who truly knows how to keep us glued to the screen. You get to follow this group of artists who meticulously setup all kinds of devices and gadgets. Once the screen goes black, we’ll be in for a treat.

It’s a truly amazing video, and you will want to watch it over and over again. Is it just me or could those glasses of toxic waste make for a great drink if it was converted into a drinkable liquor?! Or, maybe not! The sound equalizer is the best part, or at least I think so. By using literally gallons of this glow liquid, they create a truly awesome visual manifestation. I wonder how they managed to clean all that stuff up when they were done. Is it a perfectly nice living space ruined? Nah, I am sure they know what they are doing… or at least I hope so.

Mad Glow Stick Experiment Video

Mad Glow Stick Experiment Video