Creative Computer Invoice To Give Dad When He Asks For Tech Support

Most of our readers here at Bit Rebels are somewhat tech savvy. That means you are probably used to family members asking for tech support. It’s a tricky situation to deal with, especially if it’s your parents. So what should you do? I know people who charge their parents full price, and I know others who give them the work for free. My opinion is, there must be a better way than either of those options. This creative computer invoice might be the answer.

This computer invoice was created by reddit user Clem_Honeybutter. She gave this to her dad after replacing his laptop hard drive. What a great way to ‘charge’ her father for all her hard work. Her rates seem very reasonable. A fountain drink, straws, napkins, pizza, Parmesan twists and her choice of venue seem fair enough. A night out for pizza for the two of them sounds like just the right payment to me.

My mother usually pays me for tech support with homemade chocolate chip cookies and other special gifts. It’s totally worth the small amount of time it takes to be sure her computer stays updated. So the next time your parents ask you for tech support, maybe this computer invoice will inspire you to come up with something special, and something that will create a memory for you both. What ways have you charged your family for tech support?

After all, if you give them a traditional invoice for the full amount, you maybe be in for a surprise. As one redditor commented, when he tried that, his mother promptly gave him an invoice for providing a house during his entire childhood. Hmm…turnabout is fair play as they say.

Computer Invoice To Give Dad

(or any family member who asks for tech support)


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