Creative Flash Mob | Invisible Dogs

Recently over 2,000 people walked invisible dogs in New York one afternoon. Their instructions? Walk your invisible dogs as if they were real dogs, and boy did people ever take that literally!

What was the purpose of this? From what I can see, just to have fun. The participants obviously had a great time. What about the strangers that witnessed this hour long event? Well, apparently there was mixed reactions from laughter to confusion. Is this a very creative flash mob? Although it isn’t being called that, I think it is.

What was really funny was when people (children and adults) started bending down to pet the invisible dogs and ask about them. Wow, I wish I had seen that, how fun!

Even other dogs did a double take when they saw the leashes walking down the street. Someone even bought a bone for their invisible dog, people were seen picking up invisible poop from their invisible dog and some invisible dogs were seen drinking invisible water from dog bowls.

When the mission was over, everyone returned their invisible dog leashes. Many people were sad to say goodbye to their invisible dogs. I congratulate everyone for creating an environment of ridiculous fun on the streets of New York. This kind of creativity is inspiring!

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Here is a taste of that event: