Crocheted Boba Fett Coffee Cup Sleeve For The Ultimate Fan

How many times have you stumbled out of the coffee shop juggling the coffee cup between your hands and fingers like it was made out of plutonium? More than once I assume. I know that no matter how many sleeves I put on the cup before I leave the shop, I am always trying to fend off the heat by switching hands like my life depended on it. I guess I just like my coffee or tea to be really hot when I buy it. But should that be reason enough for this seemingly fanatic behavior? I sure hope not, especially when there are inventions that can take us to the moon and back, right? I mean, a cup of coffee should be the least of our worries in a world that is bursting with complicated tasks and endeavors.

So what do we do? We of course look to Etsy for some guidance and solutions. And that is exactly where we’ll find it as well. It’s created by Etsy user LittlePopos and comes in the form of a badass Coffee or Tea Cup Boba Fett Sleeve. It’s one of those personalized gems that will certainly make your cup become an accessory instead of just junk with your much valued coffee or tea in it.

It sells for $22.00 and couldn’t be more of a personal touch in your every day cloned life. There are also other cup sleeves to choose from as well, and they all come in the same geeky and epic approach that the Boba Fett one does. However, I am sad to say that there are no other Star Wars related cup sleeves at this very moment. I am sure there will be more in a near future if this thing proves to be a huge success.




Via: [Technabob]