Fight The Dark Side With The Lightsaber Knitting Needles

Star Wars never stops infiltrating the most odd and unexpected products. With Disney now owning the rights to this incredibly popular franchise, I think we’ll see a whole lot more of it too. Sometimes the custom created gear is more impressive than the actual products chosen for release by the copyright owners themselves. That becomes evident when we see things like these lightsaber knitting needles. How did someone even come to think about something so geeky?

Up until now, there have been a whole lot of lightsaber custom creations announced on the Internet. Usually they come in the form of some quirky creative outlet that you simply wouldn’t be able to foresee. But these lightsaber knitting needles are definitely something that go far and beyond the minds of the average Star Wars fan, don’t you agree? The most impressive thing about these is that you will, no matter what you do, wield them around to make it look like an epic lightsaber fight is happening right there in your lap, even though it is on a miniature scale.

If you’re heavy into Star Wars, and of course knitting, these lightsaber knitting needles will have you fighting the dark side (or the Rebels) every time you try to finish up your knitting creation. The idea was brought into reality by Instructables member Random_Canadian who used tiny LED flashlights as the foundation for the lightsabers. He then proceeded to replace the white LEDs in the flashlight with red and green LEDs. The lightsaber knitting needles themselves are made out of acrylic rods that helps the light travel through the entire lightsaber.

This should be a priority project for any geek looking to fuse Star Wars with knitting – not only because it will bring to life a pair of epic lightsaber knitting needles, but also because it will entertain anyone who looks at you while you put together that awesome knitted Star Wars sweater for your young Jedi-to-be. Let the fight begin!

Random_Canadian’s Custom Lightsaber Knitting Needles




Via: [Technabob]