Custom Suitcase Makes Sure R2-D2 Is Always With You

If you ask me, traveling is one of the most soothing endeavors you can undertake. I don’t have time to travel much these days, but I still enjoy checking out travel tips and places I could visit later in life. If you are a traveler of rank, you know that in order for a trip to be enjoyable, everything needs to go smoothly and by the book. Losing your luggage, for example, is one thing that could entirely ruin a trip. I have had it happen to me on a couple of occasions, and it’s not a pleasant feeling knowing that all your travel belongings are traveling the world without you. Maybe people working in that secret area of the airport, in baggage handling, would notice your bag more quickly if you had a custom suitcase instead, right?

If you have decided to get a custom suitcase, and if you are a huge Star Wars fan, you can always hit up one of these epic R2-D2 custom suitcases. It’s amazing how fast you will spot your own suitcase when you are waiting at baggage claim. This particular Robot Trolley suitcase is made available by Salvador Bachiller and will only set you back a sneaky $96. It’s not too bad for a custom suitcase that I am sure nobody else will be sporting on your particular flight.

Maybe in the future, this R2-D2 Robot Trolley will come out in a 2.0 version with built in GPS navigation. That would totally rock, don’t you agree? Imagine being at the largest airport in the world and having your own personal navigation assistant. I would say that’s not too shabby, but for now I guess this thing will have to do just fine. It’s geeky as it is and will surely allow you to spot your suitcase when it hits the baggage claim tread. If you can’t spot this one, I would suggest you pick up a pair of glasses for the trip as well. They will be needed. Custom suitcases FTW!

Robot Trolley R2-D2 Custom Suitcase

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Via: [Technabob]