Darth Vader Apron Pinafore Will Make You The Ruler Of All

I find it highly interesting that the characters we all remember most from movies are usually the bad guys. Why is that? If you look at Star Wars for example, the one character we all know pretty much everything about is Darth Vader. Of course we also remember Han Solo, Luke Skywalker and Yoda, but the one who we seem to refer to most is Darth Vader. Maybe it’s because the human mind is so good at always remembering the bad instead of the good. It’s not uncommon for people to see all the bad things that happened in a day and forget about all the good things. Maybe it’s because you can’t rule over any of it, or can you? Maybe the Darth Vader apron pinafore (with cape) will make you rule over everything that might happen each and every day.

Nah, that’s not likely to happen anytime soon, right? But if you are a women or even a mother, a Darth Vader apron could be a good way to get control over things at home. What better way could you ever think of than using your superpowers to gain control over the remote, food decisions, petty differences and arguments? You could be the one ruling over all and always getting your way just by wearing this Darth Vader apron.

Even though I don’t think you will gain any superpowers with this Darth Vader apron designed and put together by Darling Army, I still think it could put a whole lot of awesomeness into your day. Not only will the people around you notice you have taken a whole different approach to things, but you will also sport one of the most epic Darth Vader apron pinafores a women could ever wear, at least if you are a geek. You can grab this Darth Vader apron over at Etsy (of course) for just $95. Darling Army is a perfect place to look for that one of a kind Halloween apron dress you have been looking for for so long now.

Darling Army’s Darth Vader Apron Pinafore

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Via: [Technabob]