This Darth Vader Grill Can Add A Spark To Any Barbecue Party

Sunny days and cloudless skies are perfect for a barbecue party, but if you wish to truly impress your guests, your equipment needs to be fabulous too! This stunning Darth Vader Grill offers the perfect twist to an outdoor party as the legendary Star Wars character spits fire from his mouth. The pleasure of grilling meat will reach new heights when you have this Star Wars fire pit to add a theatrical element to your cookouts.

If the fans of Star Wars are drooling at this point, let us clarify that this Darth Vader Grill comes at a hefty price. You can make it yours only if you are willing to shell out a whopping sum of $508. However, considering the potential of this amazing fire pit, you might want to part with your money for this device. It combines three of the world’s favorite obsessions in one appliance, yummy food, Star Wars, and special effects. Your barbecues will become all the rage once you bring this Star Wars fire pit home.

Using this fire pit is pretty straightforward, provided you know how to operate a regular grill. [pullquote]Just light up a fire and place your meats on the grill, once the fire gets going, the flames will emerge out of the eyes of Darth Vader![/pullquote] This spectacular grill sold by Burned By Design is the brainchild of designer Alex Dodson.

Believe it or not, this burner is made out of an LPG cylinder that serves as a fire chamber, and the carvings and face are added to the finished base. The design team creates customized burners based on a theme of your choice but who can choose anything else when Darth Vader is on offer?

This burner can be the showstopper of a Star Wars themed backyard party. Just keep the gasoline handy to make the special effects keep going all night long. The flames will look particularly awesome in the dark, admittedly a bit spooky too. If you are still uncomfortable about throwing your cash away on this Darth Vader Grill, perhaps you have not realized all the benefits that it brings to the table.

Firstly, it will encourage you to spend more time outdoors, making it a better investment than an Xbox. Secondly, you will end up socializing way more than before, thanks to the throngs of friends that will want some steak cooked in the Star Wars fire pit. Lastly, your culinary skills will reach new heights owing to the number of hours you will spend grilling meat!

Aren’t these reasons too irresistible to miss out on an opportunity to make this fire pit yours? Your backyard will become the talk of the neighborhood with the power of Darth Vader on your side! So take a loan or rob a bank, but figure out a way to purchase this wonderful fire pit. It is one of those items that will auction for thousands of dollars after a few decades. This Darth Vader Grill comes with the guarantee of long-term profits, so spend courageously today to have a secure future!

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This Darth Vader Grill Can Add A Spark To Any Barbecue Party

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