Darth Vader Helmet Blueprints Reveal His Inner Secrets

I think we are all mesmerized by the sheer originality of Darth Vader. Even though we see his evil deeds, we still have compassion for him, at least after we’ve seen the prequel where Anakin Skywalker become Lord Vader. There are many ways we can stumble onto the wrong path of life, and Anakin is pure proof of that. Anger, displacement and jealousy can make you become a monster in so many ways. It’s quite clear why they call it the dark side. The fact is, throughout the franchise, we don’t have a clue what that helmet hides. I am not talking about Darth Vader’s face here, but the technology within it.

I am sure many people have wondered why the helmet is designed the way it is, and what cool features might hide in its shell. Surely there has to be more than a breathing mechanism suited into it. It so happens that there are actual “blueprints” for the helmet that any Star Wars fan will find quite appealing. Well, they are not really blueprints, but more like schematics or a diagram. There is actually a framed Darth Vader Helmet Diagram for sale on Amazon for just $19.99 that I think you should have a peek at.

So what exactly hides behind that sharp-edged helmet, and what does it actually look like disassembled? Just have a look at the diagram and match the pieces up with the replica copy of Darth Vader’s helmet, and you will probably get a clear picture of it all. The fact that a man lives inside that badboy is even more insane when you think that the actor who played Darth Vader actually had to wear that thing for hours on end when shooting his parts in the movies. I wonder, will we see people with these kind of helmets in the future? I mean, everything else in these sci-fi movies has more or less become reality, so why not these helmets as well, right?