Decisions Were Made In The Geekiest GIF Of The Week

If you are a geek, you will most likely see the predicament in this video. However, decisions were made and by the looks of it, they were not to everyone’s liking. It’s apparent that the guy shooting the video (later turned into a viral GIF) decided that certain purchased items were more valuable than the other “cargo” in the car. The question is if you would have done the same? Is this possibly the geekiest GIF this week?

When you get yourself a new set of graphics cards they, of course, needs to be transported safely and within sight back to your geeky lair, right? That is exactly what the guy in the video is doing, and there is nothing wrong with that. I mean, how else would you transport your graphics cards other than safely strapped in with the seatbelt in the front seat while your girl is told to sit in the back?

My guess is that a certain someone will not exactly get a gold star in the romantic section of the evaluation book. However, perhaps that star could be put in the humor section instead. After all, the girl in the back looks to be taking the joke quite well. At least the second time the camera focuses on her.

This has to be considered as one of the geekiest things you could ever do. Smart, not likely. But then again, the agony of those graphics cards being transported without proper safety measures is unthinkable. In my humble opinion, I think this is most likely the geekiest GIF of the weel. Perhaps you guys know of a better one, an even more geeky one? Let us know in the comment section below. We are always on the lookout for the geekiest GIF of the week.

Also, let us know how you would have handled the situation. Was it the right choice?

The Geekiest GIF Of The Week

Geekiest GIF Of The Week