Dedicated Geeks Go All Out To Get Elven Ears

The line that divides a geek and an ultimately dedicated geek has been crossed. A new kind of geek has emerged, and it’s a geek that doesn’t fear physical pain to stay true to his or her fandom. There are many examples of custom geek creations that we have shown throughout the years here at Bit Rebels, but what you are about to witness is something out of the ordinary. How far would you be ready to go in order to look more like an elf? Perhaps create a pair of paper elven ears to put on top of your own? Maybe even go a little bit further and purchase a pair over at Amazon?

I believe that’s what most of us would do to feed the craving and spell we’re under as fans. But some, let’s call them more dedicated geeks, wouldn’t stop there. In this article, I will introduce you to a particularly dedicated geek girl called Kimmie who went way beyond the pain barrier to get the pair of elven ears she really wanted.

Believe it or not but there is actually a tutorial on how you can give yourself a pair of these elven ears over at Instructables. If you’re among the faint-hearted, I wouldn’t suggest doing this as it involves a whole lot of cutting and stitching in flesh in order for the ears to get the shape necessary. What we should also remember is that this elven ears mod was not carried out by Kimmie alone. No, she had help from a professional body modification artist named Russ Foxx.

It is impressive to see how dedicated some geeks are to their fandom, and this proves that no matter what you want, there is always a way to get it. Is it for everyone? I definitely don’t think so. But then again, some people don’t even like Star Wars, so I guess it’s all a matter of relativity. I mean, once you’ve earned your ears through blood, tears and pain, you can’t exactly take them off whenever you don’t like them anymore. Maybe we should look at it as previously stated, from a body modification art point of view, similar to tattoos. You can’t easily remove tattoos these days either.

Instructables – Elven Ears Body Modification (Kimmie)

Elven Ears Body Modification

Elven Ears Body Modification

Elven Ears Body Modification