DeLorean Car Becomes The Taxi Of The Future

What is your best taxi experience? I know it’s an odd question to start an article with, but in this particular case, it’s one that makes the most sense as you will soon realize. I could have also asked what your worst taxi experience has been, right? Well, not exactly. The reason why I asked you that question is because no matter what experience you might have had, I bet this one is a couple notches above it, if you are a geek that is. Usually your average taxi is a yellow one, at least if you live in New York. Other parts of the world have their own kinds of taxis, but the fact is, it’s just a normal car. According to Nooka (a New York fashion brand), future cabs will be all about the DeLorean car.

Nooka highly supports the future, and in order to spread awareness about their brand, they have created what must be one of the geekiest advertising campaigns this year. They have taken the yellow cab and made some adjustments. Actually, they switched it out entirely and instead used a DeLorean car and made it yellow.

It’s completely taken from the Back To The Future movies and painted yellow. It’s an amazing ride, and one that could make you smile for the rest of the week. I mean, time travel is cool and all, but taking a cab that is a DeLorean car (and one that mimics the one in the movies) to your next meeting should raise not only your own eyebrows, but surprise and intrigue the people you are meeting as well. The DeLorean car has always been a symbol of the future, and this taxi is one of the coolest cabs I have ever seen. I sure wouldn’t mind going for a ride in this thing. I have a nagging suspicion though..Is it just me or do all of these images look photoshopped? It would be a shame if this was just a printed campaign and not the real thing. What do you think?

The Futuristic DeLorean Car Taxi


Via: [Doobybrain]