Diablo III Concept Art By Hellboy Artist Duncan Fegredo

Blizzard Entertainment launched their highly anticipated game, Diablo III, on May 15th. The launch was met with plenty of issues that left anxious players unable to enjoy the game they’ve been salivating for since it was announced in 2001, over a decade ago! This post isn’t going to spend time bombing a company or property that will certainly continue to top sales charts, regardless of all the flaming and review bombs being written online. Breathe people. Everything will be alright. Blizzard will fix the issue, and you’ll be credited for their errors. Breathe.

Being a fanboy of the company myself, I’m putting this post together to provide a positive break from all the negativity out there. The best way I can do that is by presenting the artwork of Duncan Fegredo. This art features the character classes of Diablo III done in the heavy contract style akin to that of Hellboy creator, Mike Mignola. For those who follow Dark Horse’s Hellboy comics, you’ll be familiar with the fact that Duncan Fegredo was the first artist to take over the art duties on Hellboy for years.

He was the ongoing artist for Hellboy: Darkness Calls (6-issue miniseries released April–November 2007), Hellboy: The Wild Hunt (8-issue miniseries released December 2008 – November 2009), and Hellboy: The Storm (3-issue miniseries released July 2010 – September 2010), and Hellboy: The Fury (3-issue miniseries released June 2011 – August 2011). Don’t be fooled though, this style is not Fegredo’s typical style! You can do a Google search on his name to find stuff pre-Hellboy that was totally different.

This art below makes me imagine the possibility of seeing a Diablo III and Hellboy crossover in the future. “Imagine” being the key word in the previous statement. You have to admit, thematically, it would totally make sense for this to happen, right? It’ll probably never happen. But it should. Just saying…

Demon Hunter Class Diablo III





Image Credit: [Kotaku]