New Burger Wrappers Disguise Your Slobbering Eating With A Smile

A couple of weeks ago I went to McDonald’s to get myself a burger. As always there was a huge line, why they call it fast food I will never understand. After I eventually got my burger and fries, I sat down to start eating. As I sat there a thought came into my head, here we all are eating like slobs and it’s quite awkward when you think about it. Fast forward a couple of weeks and here I am writing about new burger wrappers that will disguise your slobbering.

It is a problem that Japanese burger franchise Freshness Burger was very aware of. Therefore, they decided to partner up with Dentsu East Japan to see if they could find a solution for this together. What they came up with is quite genius and a whole lot of funny at the same time. The new burger wrappers they designed will disguise any slobbering that may be caused by you being too hungry or the hamburger being too big.

The new burger wrappers are to start with, meant for their female customers who want to make sure their dignity and femininity is kept intact. The slightly larger edge of the new burger wrappers will cover a part of the person’s face while they eat and replace it with a smiling one. This way you can slobber away while eating your burger as much as you want without causing any awkward looks or feeling ashamed for tackling that burger.

Apparently in Japan, it is considered rude and undignified for women to open their mouths wide as women in Japan are praised for having what is called ‘ochobo’ – small and modest mouths. I am sure many of you Western readers are shaking your head. However, this has been a part of Japanese culture for centuries. The success these new burger wrappers have had should tell us the appreciation of these new burger wrappers. With a sales increase of 200%, it is amazing when considering all they did was add a smiley face to an ordinary wrapper.

New Female Liberation Burger Wrappers

New Liberration Burger Wrappers

New Liberration Burger Wrappers

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New Liberration Burger Wrappers

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