Dismount, its a nice way of saying “cause pain to”…

Dismount has almost become a series, there are 2 versions of the game.  In a nutshell you have a “ragdoll” physics dude that you basically push down the stairs/hit with a truck and see how much damage you can rack up.  Sounds sick eh?  Well actually once you start playing its almost as if you forget about the dude and you are really trying to focus on how many points you can make via pushing technique…

Will this effect the way you look at old people standing at the top of stairs? I dunno, maybe… but its worth the play, destruction always is!

Download Stair Dismount here: http://secretexit.com/freeware/stairdismount

Download Truck Dismount here: http://secretexit.com/freeware/truckdismount