Photographer Uses Star Wars Toys In Amazing Photo Scenarios

We write about photography way too little here on Bit Rebels, and when we do, it’s usually something creepy, weird or just plain wonderful.  Personally, I think we should step it up a little and share the awesome world of photography way more and that is my mission for the day, at least when it comes to this article.  Anyone who has been mesmerized by the lens and the images of a camera knows that there is no limit to what you can capture with a camera.  You can work photos before, during and after the shoot, which makes the whole endeavor quite unique. Especially when it comes to Star Wars.

A good picture always stays a good picture no matter what you do, and it’s forever.  A snapshot in time becomes a memory that will last you a lifetime.  But is there a world within photography that we don’t think about too much?  Are there photo opportunities that we sometimes miss just because we’re trying too hard to see the real world?

Photographer extraordinaire Avanaut certainly knows to be aware of these opportunities.  It’s a miniature world within the land of toys.  With the right lighting, lens and sharpness, you can create images that will simply blow your mind, many times over.  Avanaut has created one of the most stunning Star Wars photo series I have seen in quite a while, if not ever.  It’s an eerie yet warm collaboration between light, setup and focus which makes these photos magnificently amazing.

Being a great Star Wars fan, I became totally immersed in these photos, and I keep staring at them just to see if I can find out how they are done. Maybe if I can find some good collectibles coupons I might try it myself. There’s the snow, the slow motion capture of a movement in motion, and the magical world of a mini Star Wars toy landscape. This certainly is a brilliant and wonderful photo series. Just brilliant!

C-3PO Robot Holding Lightsaber

Stormtrooper Shooting Laser Guns

AT-AT Walker With Stormtroopers Light

AT-AT Lifting Foot With Snow

AT-AT Trample Heavy Snow Gust

Chewbacca In Winter Snow Blaze

Darth Vader Closeup Photo Shoot

Darth Vader Immersed In Snow

Snow Monster Pushing Moving Vehicle

Stormtroopers Walking In Snowy Night

Darth Vader In Snow Blizzard

LEGO Star Wars Man Snow

Stormtrooper Aiming To Shot Rifle

AT-AT Dropping Heavy Snow Stream

Chewbacca Missing In Arm Snow

Boba Fett In Shadow Photo

LEGO Snow Men In Dawn

Snow Monster Screaming In Dark

Stormtrooper Skiing Jumping In Snow

Star Wars Space X-Wing Ship

Face To Face With Evil

Boba Fett Aiming Laser Gun