Dissection: The Edible Parts Of The Super Mario Villains

We have covered many things that show the inside of a character. Super Mario got his share of the spotlight when we uncovered what our superhero looked liked inside. It was odd and weird, yes, but ultimately necessary of course since it had been too long that we at Bit Rebels wondered about it. So what might be the next step? Well, mostly everything about Super Mario has been debated, recreated, geekified and thrown around, but there are still things to uncover about the world we all know as the retro days of a computer geek.

Jude Buffum totally knows what a geek needs to know. He knows that whatever it is that keeps Super Mario ticking, it’s of course all about the dissection and the edible parts of the villains haunting Super Mario wherever he goes. With almost surgical precision, he pins down the different parts of pretty much every villain that we all still keep in our memories.

I advice you to not eat that pizza before you check these images out. Why? Well, because after you have seen these, you will be even more hungry and that pizza of yours is going to taste at least a boatload of times better. Instead, lean back and see arch villain Koopa get dissected into a million different meat products ready to throw on the grill. Alright, that’s it. I need to eat something… Oh, and of course these badboys are for sale for the geeky price of $40-$135 a pop. There are plenty of other prints as well. Simply awesome!