DIY Princess Leia Robe: So Easy Even A Wookie Could Make It

This is so freaking smart, why didn’t I think of that? Do you have a brown hoodie and a white bathrobe at your house? If you do, you got yourself a Princess Leia robe; you just didn’t know it! This is so simple, and it looks like it took about an hour to make (or less). It’s super duper easy yet brilliantly creative ideas like this that inspire me, and the moment I saw this, I knew I had to share it with you.

Instructables member scoochmaroo, who also happens to be the editor of the Food and Living channels, whipped up this badboy in her spare time. She is known for her sparkly fun ideas, and this one is no exception. Looking at these pictures makes me want to roll up the sleeves of the hoodie I’m wearing now into Leia hair buns.

In order to pull this off right, you’ll also need a Leia-style belt to put around your bathrobe (ditch the terrycloth belt). The belt should be pretty easy though, just go to your closet (or the store) and grab a gold or silver one. If you have one already that has some sparkles on it, that would work too. Even a plain dark brown belt could work, and you probably already have one of those. How great would it be to be able to make this without spending any money at all? That’s pure awesomeness. If you like this, but you don’t want to make it yourself, you can always buy a Princess Leia Hoodie Complete With Buns & New Hope Belt. Although, that doesn’t seem like it would be nearly as much fun!


Via: [Fashionably Geek]