The Birth Of A Wookie: Chewbacca Comes Alive [Video]

There are a lot of people who started their science fiction fandom by watching Star Wars. The fact that Disney, who acquired George Lucas’ empire a few months ago, is planning to release 3 new movies in the Star Wars saga is something that most Star Wars fans know by now. One of the most memorable characters in Star Wars is of course Chewbacca, but most people have no idea how the character’s many iconic scenes came about. This video tells the story of the birth of a wookie.

If you have ever wondered how the famous wookie came to life, and what drives the ego of this mammoth character then this video should come in quite handy. It’s a behind the scenes video of how Chewbacca, the wookie, came to life and what the actor did to make sure this particular wookie can only be played by the original 7′ 1¾” actor Peter Mayhew.

This behind the scenes video not only depicts the wookie’s birth, but also how the costume and other wookies were filmed to make sure the wookie race was kept intact. It’s not hard to crave some Star Wars after watching this behind the scenes video, so make sure you bust out your old Star Wars movies, get a bowl of popcorn and some soda and start reminiscing.

There are plenty of interesting reveals in this video meant to highlight the creation and acting of one of movie history’s most memorable characters ever created. The fact that Chewbacca’s mouth was operated by the actor inside it, and his lips were remote controlled, is a testament to the ingenuity that George Lucas brought into this epic galactic adventure. Hopefully Chewbacca and a whole lot of other wookiees will be present in the new movies as well. After all, they are the key characters of the entire Star Wars saga, don’t you agree? (Webisode presented by mranderson00001)

The Birth Of A Wookie – Behind The Scenes Webisode