DIY Retro Television Set Transformed Into A Vintage Fish Tank

I haven’t seen one of these old television sets in a long time. Back in the old days, this is what people gathered around to watch. As if that wasn’t bad enough, there was a time when the picture was black and white. Thank goodness we weren’t alive back then, right? Nah, these retro television sets are very cool in their own way. If you or your parents have one of these up in the attic, this might be a weekend project for you. It will make that hunk of retroness useful again.

This is a DIY television set that transforms into a vintage fish tank. Suddenly your old TV will have a place in your new living room. The more I look at this old TV, the more nostalgic it is. That was back in the days when TVs had knobs instead of buttons. I wonder if there was a remote control back then.

You can find the tutorial for this project on How To Convert An Old TV Into A Fish Tank. The project itself doesn’t look that difficult, and the end result will be fabulous. If you click over on that link, you can see a lot more pictures too. If you want to try this, but you don’t have a retro television set, you can probably find one for cheap at a garage sale.

It’s always fun when someone comes up with a new use for something old. It makes me want to hold onto all my old stuff because you never know when it might be useful again. Once you get this fish tank all set up, you’ll have the geekiest fish tank on the block. If you want to geek it out even more, try adding a few Retrofied Super Mario LEGO Aquarium Decorations for good measure. Your fish will thank you.

DIY Retro Television Set Transformed Into Fish Tank

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Via: [My Modern Met]