Do Venues Have The Right Wayfinding Solutions To Welcome Back Crowds?

It’s been a long time, but live shows, events, conferences, sports, and concerts are back across much of the world. But how exactly they work changes depending on the jurisdiction, and as we’ve seen, the rules and regulations can change at a moment’s notice. You wouldn’t be alone if you felt like the rules kept bouncing back and forth.

For event organizers and venue managers, the return to in-person entertainment and gatherings is exciting news, but the return also comes with its own headaches. Just because live events are back doesn’t mean they can be done like they always have been in the past, at least for the time being.

One tool that venue managers are turning to is digital signage. They’re a flexible solution that can help organizers meet public health directives, make guests feel safe as they come back out to live events and help with the flow of traffic.

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Wayfinding & Crowd Control

As digital signage became a more affordable option, it quickly became the preferred technology for large venues that needed flexible wayfinding and crowd control options. Digital signage allows managers to ease the flow of traffic and keep crowds moving smoothly, a feature that’s more important now than ever.

Venues that are constantly adapting to different types of events can benefit from a portable digital signage solution. Sometimes they need signage that doesn’t just change with a new schedule but that can quickly be moved and installed in different parts of the venue.

Easy-to-move signage helps organizers create chokepoints for lineups, manage entry and exits, and direct guests to customer assistance if they need it. Look for digital signage that requires minimal effort to relocate.

Outdoor digital signage that’s tough enough to handle the weather can also be deployed in parking lots and parking garages.

Public Health Communication

Large gatherings such as concerts, sports events, and conferences have met with some of the strictest and longest-lasting restrictions throughout the pandemic, largely because they have the potential to become super-spreader events.

That puts a considerable onus on venue managers to communicate public health directives, enforce local regulations regarding mask use and vaccination passports, and put into place in-house policies to keep guests and staff safe. Even as restrictions ease, venues know better than anyone how quickly that can change.

Digital signage is easy to update and cost-effective when things are constantly changing. Adaptability has been the name of the game, a situation that will likely continue for many venues for some time to come.

Advertising & Monetization

Digital signage isn’t just a solution to wayfinding and communication problems; it can also be a profitable addition for venues. Rich, high-resolution digital signage in high-traffic areas is attractive advertising space. Venue managers have the option to use that space for in-house vendors or satisfy sponsorship deals. They can also sell the advertising space to relevant businesses eager to connect with crowds.

Digital signage is a useful tool for venue managers navigating a return to live entertainment. It can be a convenient, cost-effective way to tackle wayfinding and public health communication problems while offering advertising opportunities.

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