Do You Want To Be A Superhero?

Everyone knows about them. We all dream of some day doing something that will launch us into superstardom and make us somewhat of a superhero. Imagine how many perks that would bring with it!! Alright, well it will stay a dream for pretty much all of us. BUT, wait a minute. There is a way to get a little peice of the action today, right now, right here on the Internet.

How about a few Hero generators that will process you, mangle, clip and transform your old self into a bonafied superhero! Here are some generators to transform and model your “tired butt” into a pumped and genuine superhero in a matter of just a few clicks!


I had the intention of adding Kodak’s very amusing and entertaining site but when I wrote this the site had been taken down for some reason. Maybe it’ll come back up but for now you just have to  enjoy this very amusing YouTube clip of the thing. The site lets you insert your face onto this movieclip and you get to choose from a variety of the most common names.