Domino Madness | Do you have the patience?

I am one of those that were never able to get rid of my fascination for domino’s. And I don’t mean the pizzeria now. Even though they are making some delicious pizza every now and then. No I mean the wooden blocks (usually) that has that multipurpose feature. You know it’s a game from the beginning right? Well anyways, I have never been able to really de-fascinate myself from the building abilities they have. The fun of watching new world record breaking designs just fall to their doom after months and months of building. Maybe I should point out that I don’t build those awesome things myself.

I am constantly checking for new and exciting design ideas people have tried out and just watch those little bricks of joy fall. What can be more mesmerizing than a brick pushing another brick that is pushing another brick that is… You get the idea right?

So, I pulled together some really cool designs and now you just have to watch them…well…push other domino’s to make the design complete. All designs are created by the AWESOME “FlippyCat” designer. Enjoy!