Emergency Underpants Dispenser: Epic WTF Of The Day

Once in a while a “gadget” comes along that makes you a little uneasy. It’s not that you feel uneasy to the point where you are clueless as to why the thing even exists, but just by the sheer oddness of the thing itself. We’ve seen our share of odd creations, don’t get me wrong, and I am sure they all have a really novel idea behind them. It’s just when someone comes up with the obviously freaky creation that has you go “WTF!” that things tend to get turned upside down for a few minutes. That happened today when I was browsing through the submissions of “gadgets” that have a true use in the world. Well, maybe they aren’t a hit in the stores, but they are among Internet surfers who like to make things go viral.

In Japan they have underwear vending machines, and frankly, they also have pretty much anything you can think of in vending machines. They even have live crabs in vending machines over there. However, when it comes to underwear, I don’t really think I would ever go to a vending machine to get a pair. My boxers belong in the store, and that’s where I will get them. That’s just how it should be, at least if I could decide for myself.

So what do you know, when I was checking out the clips today, I learned that there is even a 5 Piece Underpants Dispenser available for anyone who wants their underwear to be housed in a paper box just like the tissues you are used to when you have a cold. But seriously, when would you need these in real life? (I mean no disrespect for the incontinent people around the world, but I am sure they have their own solution to the problem) I am curious as to why someone would come up with an idea like this, really! I mean, just because we (blogs in general) write about it, this thing will probably become cult and be a huge success. Would you get these? (Obviously this must be a ploy, spoof or joke. If not then I am a loss for words!)

Emergency Underpants Dispencer Concept Design