Epic 6-Foot Long Lego Halo Assault Carrier

Imagine for a second that you have an unlimited number of Lego blocks. What would you build? Geez, right? I mean, there are a billion things you could build if you had that many blocks to get creative with. For some people, the most epic builds you can ever create are the micro-scale builds. Those don’t require the same amount of building blocks in order to finish them up, but they probably require more brainstorming than the bigger ones. After all, you are trying to stay true to what your initial idea is, and therefore, you need to experiment with different blocks and angles in order to get the result exactly as you want it.

Lego mastermind Ben “Benny Brickster” Caulkins has his own idea about epic builds. He occupied his entire living room and built a 6-foot long Halo Assault Carrier. Yup, the amount of time and effort that must have gone into this badboy is extensive. Just the smooth curves and the scale of the build was enough for me to consider writing about this thing. It should be a monument for any Lego geek to look up to.

The video shows a little bit more in detail the chaos that is the aftermath of a late night building spree. Ben had to finish this build in order to be able to ship it off to BrickWorld in the morning. Maybe that is why the stand that the spaceship is resting on is not up to par with the quality of the spaceship itself. He only had an hour to complete the stand, so I guess we’ll let that slide for now. In the future we are hoping to get a few more pictures of this build to see it more in detail. After all, spaceship Lego builds of this magnitude aren’t very common. And usually there is some intricate interior design in order to support the outer shell of the spaceship that we always think is so amazing. Epic build! Props!




Via: [DVICE]